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Can’t remember if you sent your clients a particular listing? Watch this video to learn how to know which properties were sent to your client, if there were comments and if it was viewed. This helps you track properties and stay cutting edge, if you have multiple clients with similar criteria.


  1. Jeff Major says...,

    I appreciate the training tutorial videos library and hope you continue to add otthers. I believe you will make them FAR more effective by greatly increasing the size of the demo screen. As it exists, it's impossible to read it so it offers very little value beyond what's being said by the narrator. Again, this will make a huige difference in the effectiveness of your veideos as a training tool. Further, it will increase the number of times users return to the video library for help, whereas, currently, I believe many will simply call the help desk next time they need assistance knowing that the video won't be as helpful as it could be.

    I hope my comments are helpful!!


    Jeff Major


    Posted August 28, 2011
  2. Candice says...,

    Jeff, this function will be available soon. We are in production right now testing different player sizes.

    Posted September 2, 2011

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